$20 Pay it Forward ESSENTIAL WORKER Mystery Box + $5 GC


Show your appreciation to an Essential Worker with our Pay it Forward Essential Worker Mystery Box! These neutral boxes will be filled with goodies like candles, lotion, and treats anyone would love to receive! 

You may pick up the box and deliver it to an essential worker of your choosing -OR- we will randomly select and hand deliver box(es) for you! If left to our choosing, we will give priority to local grocery store & fast food workers. All boxes will stay in Lapeer! You may note the type of essential worker you would like to donate to and we will do our best to accomodate, but if you have a particular preference, please consider picking up the box & delivering it to the essential worker of your choosing. 

We have several available, so consider blessing an entire workplace or crew! If multiple boxes are purchased for an entire workplace or staff, you MAY choose a particular establishment and we will be happy to hand deliver boxes for you. Feel free to contact us before ordering to avoid any confusion/schedule your delivery if necessary!

For every Pay it Forward ESSENTIAL WORKER Mystery Box purchased, Elm Beauty Bar + Boutique will include a $5 gift card that recipient can pass along or use for themself! 

We can include your name on a note in the box, or boxes can be donated anonymously. 

Boxes are usually ready to pick up/deliver in 2-3 days, but during these uncertain times, please allow up to one week for your box to be currated. We will call you when your box is ready for pick up (or we will hand deliver the box for you)!

Please read & complete fields below, answering all questions. Please note Pay it Forward Boxes cannot be shipped. 

If you are picking up the box(es), please provide your phone number so we can call you when ready. If blessing an entire workplace or crew, please provide as many details below. Please note if you would like your name included or remain anonymous if we are hand delivering box(es) for you.

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